Interiors and Colors

Many homeowners are obsessed with furniture items and furnishings when focusing on the designing of their interiors. These people have no idea that the paint color they have chosen for their rooms is not helping in complimenting their efforts. You can learn how to choose paint colors to play a crucial role in enhancing your interiors’ design. The same interiors come alive and get transformed when the paint color is chosen wisely. 

Colors From Hazelnut Family

The different shades of crème color paints are said to belong to the Hazelnut family. You can choose any of these light shades to add to the brightness and warmth of your living room. These shades never go out of vogue and easily highlight any furniture and furnishing you used in your room. One advantage of hazelnut paint color is that it bounces light off to make the room appear more bright and full of light than it is. These colors are perfect for rooms where sunlight doesn’t reach. 

Lilac Gray

Gray is a color with heavy undertones of different colors like blue, purple, and green. The color you see on the neck of a pigeon is a very common paint color that imparts a very attractive and sober look to a room’s interiors. This paint color is so interesting that you will not become bored with it even after months and years. There is a varying shade of gray that you can try depending upon the interior design style and the color of furniture items you have opted for. 

Pastel Shades

Remember pastel colors of crayon that you used as a child in the crayon book? The same colors are a rage these days as a paint color among homeowners across the country. These muted tones are very soothing to the eyes, and they happen to be gender-neutral, unlike pink and violet colors. More and more kitchens and bathrooms are being done in these pastel colors these days because they easily conceal small imperfections, marks, and stains.

Mushroom Colors

If you have seen or love to eat mushrooms, you can easily relate to this family of colors. Light mouse color that was a rage during the 70s is once again popular among homeowners because of a trend where everything that is neutral and conveys your feeling is considered fashionable. These light colors bordering on cream, and silver-gray have a certain timeless charm and appeal. These colors look great with natural and organic furnishing and also happen to be gender-neutral.

Light Blue Colors

The lightest blue paint colors are now in vogue as they bring a touch of freshens and closeness to nature. Like grey-blue and ice blue, these colors enhance the interior design style that you have chosen for your living room. One reason for the popularity of these new blue paint colors is that they are not very common and do not distract them. You will find these colors soothing to the eyes.