Modern And Contemporary Interior Design

Many homeowners and even designers remain confused between modern and contemporary interior design styles. Some believe contemporary is just another word for modern, and they use the word interchangeably.

However, the fact is that both these styles have glaring differences. Before going to the difference between the two styles, it is pertinent to understand contemporary and modern interior design definitions.

What Is A Contemporary Design?

Contemporary means right now, something that is in vogue here and now. Contemporary interior design is not a unique style of designing per se but a style that incorporates design elements of different vogue styles in different places internationally. 

What Is Modern Interior Design?

The modern approach to interior designing focuses upon a minimalistic approach where less is considered more. It can be taken as an antithesis to more elaborate and vivid classical interior design styles. There is no single modern interior design that permeates the landscape of interior design across the world. 

Are you still confused and cannot make out the differences between modern and contemporary interior design? If yes, then take a look at some of the glaring differences between the two design styles. 

  • In contemporary design, you would find free use of glass, metals, and stone and leather and fabrics like wool and cotton in furnishing items. On the other hand, you find the dominance of organic and natural materials when you take a look at furnishing items in modern interior design. 
  • One major difference between modern and contemporary design styles lies in the aspect of functionality.
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