Interiors and Colors

Many homeowners are obsessed with furniture items and furnishings when focusing on the designing of their interiors. These people have no idea that the paint color they have chosen for their rooms is not helping in complimenting their efforts. You can learn how to choose paint colors to play a crucial role in enhancing your interiors’ design. The same interiors come alive and get transformed when the paint color is chosen wisely. 

Colors From Hazelnut Family

The different shades of crème color paints are said to belong to the Hazelnut family. You can choose any of these light shades to add to the brightness and warmth of your living room. These shades never go out of vogue and easily highlight any furniture and furnishing you used in your room. One advantage of hazelnut paint color is that it bounces light off to make the room appear more bright and full of light than it is. These colors are perfect for rooms where sunlight doesn’t reach. 

Lilac Gray

Gray is a color with heavy undertones of different colors like blue, purple, and green. The color you see on the neck of a pigeon is a very common paint color that imparts a very attractive and sober look to a room’s interiors. This paint color is so interesting that you will not become bored with it even after months and years. There is a varying shade of gray that you can try depending upon the interior design style and the color of furniture items you have opted for. … Click Here

Interior Design Tips For Your Kitchen

Trends in interior designing of kitchens change every year. We saw an all-white kitchen theme, granite countertops, and stainless steel dominating kitchen designing in the last few years. However, your focus should be more on your lifestyle and personal liking than these trends to have a timeless appeal in your kitchen’s interior design.

A Separate Chopping Station

If your kitchen’s size allows, go for a dedicated chopping station apart from your usual countertop where the meals are cooked. With sufficient storage space below and a sink attached to it, this chopping station becomes the center of attraction for your visitors, and it adds to the functionality of your kitchen. If this chopping station is right at the center, you can organize everything along the walls around it to give your kitchen a very organized look.

Choose The Colors Of Cabinets Wisely

There is so much choice in terms of materials and colors in kitchen cabinets these days that it can overwhelm any ordinary homeowner. The choice of color of cabinets should be governed by how you and others feel upon seeing them rather than anything else. You can use solid colors if your kitchen lies next to the backyard with lots of sunshine entering it. You want something to match your your kitchen hood to less rely on kitchen hood cleaning. However, go for light or pastel shades for the cabinets if your kitchen is situated in an area where there is hardly any natural light. 

Texture Of Kitchen Units

Most homeowners hardly pay any attention to the finish of their kitchen units, with the result that there are all sorts of textures found in the same room, from high gloss to matt finish.… Click Here

How To Avoid Embarrassing Interior Design Mistakes?

There are many instances when homeowners commit mistakes when trying to improve their home décor. It could be an inappropriate selection of paint color or buying a sofa that is either too big or too small for the room where you intended to place it or mistakes in the kitchen interiors. Sometimes homeowners buy a cabinet that they find impossible to move upstairs because of its size. There are endless opportunities to make mistakes in home decoration. Here is how to avoid committing these mistakes.

Many times, homeowners make mistakes in home decoration because they decide based upon what their friends are doing and not based on what their heart says. Here are some reasons behind incorrect home décor choices made by homeowners.

  • They think too much about what their friends and relatives will think about their home décor idea
  • They forget about the front yard and a proper concrete driveway.
  • They buy items based upon the advice of their friends and later discover that they do not complement the existing arrangement of furniture or furnishings
  • They fear a home décor mistake too much
  • They go with the safest option as they do not want to take any chances of failure
  • They have no idea how to put together brilliant ideas that come to their mind
  • They have a regressive mind and do not like to welcome new ideas

Remember, whenever you decide out of fear, pressure, or worry about failure, the final arrangement does not turn out to be close to your heart.… Click Here

Home Decoration Tips For The Holidays

The holiday season is not too far away, and the festive spirit grips everyone with the Halloween that is falling on 31 October this year. Do you love the holiday season not just because of all the new clothes and the parties but also beautifully decorated homes? If yes, here are some interesting decoration tips to make your home look beautiful and inviting to your friends.  

Leaf Garland

You can decorate the dinner table on the occasion of Christmas by creating leaf garland out of green color craft paper. Put the leaves in order and place jingle bells on the garland to impress all your guests with your creativity. 

Decorate Front Door

You can impress all your friends at Christmas by making your entrance more welcoming. Make a garland out of leaves and red berries and place it on the frame of your entrance door. To make it more dramatic, make a wreath using the same materials, and stick it in the middle of the door to catch the attention of all your visitors. 

Decorating The Living Room

How can you leave your living room behind on the occasion of Christmas when you are decorating the entire home? Buy plaid stockings in beautiful colors and checks from the market and hang them in a plaid order to add to the décor of your living room. We have a beautiful view from our living room due to the inside and the beautiful retaining wall we had put in.

Beautiful Designer Pillows

What is a festive season without a few colorful and playful designer pillows placed stylishly on the sofa and chairs in the living room?… Click Here

Modern And Contemporary Interior Design

Many homeowners and even designers remain confused between modern and contemporary interior design styles. Some believe contemporary is just another word for modern, and they use the word interchangeably.

However, the fact is that both these styles have glaring differences. Before going to the difference between the two styles, it is pertinent to understand contemporary and modern interior design definitions.

What Is A Contemporary Design?

Contemporary means right now, something that is in vogue here and now. Contemporary interior design is not a unique style of designing per se but a style that incorporates design elements of different vogue styles in different places internationally. 

What Is Modern Interior Design?

The modern approach to interior designing focuses upon a minimalistic approach where less is considered more. It can be taken as an antithesis to more elaborate and vivid classical interior design styles. There is no single modern interior design that permeates the landscape of interior design across the world. 

Are you still confused and cannot make out the differences between modern and contemporary interior design? If yes, then take a look at some of the glaring differences between the two design styles. 

  • In contemporary design, among bathroom tile contractors, you would find free use of glass, metals, and stone and leather and fabrics like wool and cotton in furnishing items. On the other hand, you find the dominance of organic and natural materials when you take a look at furnishing items in modern interior design. 
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Decoration Ideas For A Home Office To Impress Your Clients

If you work from home, it is a blessing in disguise really as you are not bound by corporate design rules when designing your office. You are free to add or delete anything in the decoration of your home office, provided it does not cause any distraction for your visitors. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that your home office suits your lifestyle and remains comfortable. 

Keep It Organized

The key to the success of a home office is its organization. If your office is organized, it saves you a lot of time as you find everything in its place. If the space is small, you must add shelves in front of your desk or behind it to have sufficient storage space for papers and documents. The organization is the key design element of your home office, as it makes sure that you find everything in its scheduled place.

Choose A Theme For Your Office

One of the designing pitfalls faced by home office owners is a random selection of items of decoration. It is prudent to have themes in your mind so that you are not distracted by decorative items, and you stick to your theme. The items you choose for the decoration of your office should serve the purpose of aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

A Color Palette Gives A Unique Identity To Your Office

Do not go and buy a red wall clock for your home office if you have chosen a grey color palette for it.… Click Here